People/Pet Portrait Price List and Contract


One subject in portrait:

Up to 11"x14"- $ 200
14"x18"-   300
18"x24"-   400
22"x28"-   500
24:x36"-   800

36"x48"-  2500


12"x16"- $ 250
16"x20"-   350
20"x24"-   450
24"x30"-   550
30"x40"-  1000

Larger canvases are priced $250 per square foot..


Each additional subject in portrait 

Up to 20" x 24" - $100

24" x 36" to 36" x 48" - $200

All portraits are painted in acrylic on canvas with a protective coating, and are unframed.

Photo Stage

The artist will take digital pictures of the animal/person in order to capture the character and essence of the pet ( unless the owner specifies the painting is to be executed using an existing photograph or photos in their possession - good quality, detailed, and if the animal has already been deceased).  This service is included in the pet portrait price if the client lives within a 15 mile radius of the artist’s studio.  If the artist has to travel between 15-30 miles, there is a photo shoot fee of $50.  30-60 miles requires a $100 fee for time and gasoline.   Please note that the artist retains the copyrights to the photos.  Clients may receive a copy of the photos upon request via e-mail at no extra charge.  Client’s photos may be mailed to Susan Gallo, 186 Gallop Circle, Sagle, Idaho 83860 or e-mailed to the artist at  Some samples of pet portraits can be viewed at: 

Design Stage

The artist may need to do a sketch (or series of sketches) to compose the portrait in order to capture the lifestyle of the pet (hunting dogs with birds, Maltese on a divan, horses in a pasture, parrots in a tropical forest, or pet with a familiar toy, etc.).  The artist will consult with the client in the process to make sure they are satisfied with the design.

Upon agreement of the contract, the artist requires a down payment of half the portrait fee which is non-refundable once the design stage is started and completed as outlined above.  The balance of the fee will be paid upon completion of the portrait and when the client is satisfied with the results.

If the artist is unable to complete the portrait within a reasonable amount of time, 100% of the deposit will be refunded.